At PHI, you will join a mission-driven organization that serves as a leader in the field of health and prioritizes health equity. You'll become part of a network of committed colleagues that share ideas, exchange best practices and develop partnerships. PHI programs pursue their passion.

Our 50 years of high-quality experience in back office administration allows us to manage your grants, monitor your budget, process your invoices and staff your program. Our expertise tells funders you have the capacity to fulfill your goals with a solid infrastructure and network of professionals to back you. You can scale up quickly, and hire and retain quality staff with more competitive benefits packages. 


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PHI programs tap into a vast network of connections and expertise. Engage with new funders, bring your services to a new audience, or partner with colleagues who can advance your work. PHI collaborates and partners with local and state governments, foundations, legislative and White House staff, the APHA, the CDC and public health and health organizations around the globe to move forward shared issues and goals.


No need to go through the months-long process of establishing an independent 501(c)3, understand the requirements for hiring outside the U.S., or figure out federal compliance guidelines. From day one, you’ll have access to our tax ID number, human resources expertise and development and grants support. You can get your program off the ground—or expand to new locales and launch new ideas—in days or weeks, instead of months or years. PHI's leadership, stable financial base and solid reputation mean PHI can quickly launch innovative new ideas. PHI programs have the support to take creative, calculated and strategic risks they could not take alone.


PHI serves as a comprehensive fiscal sponsor for initiatives that scale from a single committed researcher to programs with more than 100 staff. When programs are ready to grow, they can quickly traverse legal and human resources challenges in new locales, connect to existing program networks and lean on the expertise of their colleagues to support rapid, stable growth. PHI programs maximize impacts and minimize risks to funder investments. 


Deep experience in back office administration and a low indirect cost rate allow PHI to manage multi-million dollar grants, monitor budgets, process invoices and staff programs. PHI provides staffing services for governmental and other initiatives. 


Funders know that dollars stretch further, have more impact and are at less risk when they invest in a program of the Public Health Institute. That’s why PHI programs are supported by over 180 different funding sources including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, The California Endowment, Nike, Hewlett and many other private foundations, corporate partners and federal government sources.

what our program directors say

“In my first meeting with PHI they said, 'We're here to allow you to do the work you want to do.' That was the first time anyone had ever told me that, and it's exactly what PHI has done.

In every capacity they have been adaptive, supportive, and flexible with the ever-changing nature of my organization. We now have a national footprint, and that is in large part due to PHI. Their grant and contract assistance helped us obtain the federal grant we needed to expand, and PHI's network has empowered us by connecting us with stakeholders that have contributed to our sustainability. 

Being at PHI feels like being a kid in a candy shop – it offers many resources to support our work, fosters camaraderie and partnership among my peers, and provides an organizational culture that truly values our work by creating the systems and operations to allow it to happen."

— Tomás Magaña, MD, MA
   Founder & Director, PHI's FACES for the Future Coalition

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